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CRM System Development

Every organisation is unique and has different requirements regarding the information it needs to collect and share. At Elysium Business Systems, we understand this. Elysium consultants can help you identify the most efficient means of collecting information, the most orderly structure for storing this information and the best approach to sharing this information with people both within and outside your organisation.
Using our structured approach to system development your Elysium Senior Consultant is able to clearly outline and communicate a number of options to ensure the development of your system remains under your control. No chance of cost blow-outs, no opportunity for misunderstanding – just the right solution for your organisation to get maximum impact from your CRM budget.

Business Intelligence

Many business decision makers rely on experience and gut-feel to make decisions. This process lacks accuracy, consistency and predictability. The best business people and decision makers in every industry days use BI tools to achieve cost efficiencies, identify new business opportunities,  and create competitive advantage for their organisation.

As we know, CRM Systems are fantastic tools for collecting and sharing information both within the organisation and to external customers and suppliers.

However, the real power of a CRM system can only be experienced when an appropriate BI tool is used to analyse this valuable data. Most CRM systems these days come with their own reporting engine and a number of pre-configured reports. Our Senior CRM Consultants have extensive experience in both designing and building reports on a number of BI platforms.  We can help you design a reporting structure to help you understand how your business and team are performing, as well as information to help you develop the strategies to stay competitive in today’s changing environment.


Elysium Consultants all have extensive experience in delivering high-quality CRM training, both at the end user and administrator levels. We have a number of structure training agendas for Sage CRM, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM that have all been designed to give your team members the skills they need to use or administer your chosen platform. Alternatively, if you are looking for a more customised agenda focusing on developing skills in key areas, we can develop a custom training agenda to suit your needs.
All our training courses can be conducted either on-site or remotely via Goto-Meeting. For our customers using the award-winning Sage CRM in the cloud platform, we also have a number of pre-recorded training videos that our customers can view at their leisure. Additionally, any training course undertaken via GotoMeeting will be recorded and delivered to all attendees for later review. These recorded sessions can even be used to train other members of your team who may not have had an opportunity to attend.

System Integration

Integrating the CRM platform with other business systems is an easy way to improve visibility into your customers behaviour. It can also be a great way to streamline processes and avoid the double-entry of information. Elysium Senior Consultants have experience implementing integration solutions using many industry standard technologies such as: Web Services, SQL Server, .NET & BizTalk.
Typical systems integrated with CRM include:
  • Accounting systems (MYOB, Sage ERP, Quickbooks, Xero, Dynamics GP, etc)
  • Investment Management Platforms (Unit Registers, Boardroom, Miraqle, etc)
  • Payroll Systems (Chris21, Meridian, Micropay, etc)
  • Quoting and Ordering Systems (QuoteWerks, Experlogix, etc)

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