Elysium Project Management

Well structured project management is absolutely essential throughout CRM implementations to ensure a successful outcome.

When you engage Elysium Business Systems for any of our CRM Services or structured programmes, we take responsibility for much of the project management on behalf of your organisation. Our eLIFT ™ implementation methodology is the bedrock of all of our CRM implementations and has strong correlation with industry standard project management methodology, PRINCE2™.


During the Launch phase of any implementation we will ensure that a time-sensitive project plan is drawn up. This will highlight a number of details of the project including:

  • The tasks to be performed;
  • The prerequisites for any activity;
  • Team members involved; and
  • The dates/times of each activity.

For our larger implementations, this can be provided in Microsoft Project files for your internal team members to review and update.

Project Charter

In addition to this plan, many of our projects will see a comprehensive Project Charter supplied to the key team members. This important document includes:

  • Roles & responsibilities;
  • Project risks;
  • Assumptions; and
  • Communication procedures.

Specifying each team member in this document and introducing them the the key concepts of the implementation helps to increase their involvement in the process, making them more efficient in the implementation process and giving them a sense of project ownership.

Communication & Support

Throughout every Elysium CRM engagement, key team members will be provided with periodic updates to ensure they are up to date with progress and next steps in the process. This helps us ensure we are always working together towards the organisation’s goals.

Although our team will perform many of the project management duties, it is important for every organisation to appoint one or more project “champions”. The purpose of this role is to assist the Elysium team to organise internal resources to ensure any impact on daily business activities is minimised. In addition, these important team members will often be responsible for assisting with training, testing and first-level support.

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