Foundation CRM Package

Want to gain more control over your customer relationships but don’t know where to start?

Try our Foundation CRM Package!

For those organisations seeking to implement CRM or quantification systems for the first time, the sheer amount of information out there can be daunting. That’s why we have developed the Foundation CRM Package.

Foundation Introduction

The Foundation CRM Package takes the guesswork of the CRM implementation process by providing a set of tools and templates to help your team identify and achieve your business objectives in an easy 4 step process. It also provides a structured implementation roadmap so you know where your organisation’s CRM efforts are focused at any given time.

These steps not only guide you through the implementation process, they also develop a culture of self-sufficiency to ensure you have the in-house skills and knowledge to really make the system work for you!

Foundation Advantages

For organisations looking to implement a new CRM system, the advantages of Elysium’s CRM Foundation Package are as follows:

  • Fixed cost & fixed scope – no hidden costs or project blow-outs.
  • Fast turn-around time – implementations can be completed within 1 week.
  • Covers the entire implementation lifecycle – from vision to training.
  • Highly scalable so you can start small and think BIG!
  • Stable cloud-based implementation to reduce infrastructure cost.
  • Utilises the award winning Sage CRM software platform.
  • PC, Smartphone and Tablet enabled to give you the access you need.

And because the Elysium Team has already performed hundreds of CRM implementations for organisations just like yours, you know you’re in good hands.

Foundation Process

Elysium’s Foundation CRM Package breaks the implementation process into 4 stages:

  1. CRM Business Review
  2. System Setup
  3. Data Import
  4. User Training

Each stage provides a basis for the next step to ensure that your initial implementation meets all the objectives your organisation has put in place.

Foundation Guarantee

If you are not already convinced that Elysium’s Foundation CRM Package is the best way for you to start implementing CRM in your organisation, consider the following guarantee.

 “After completion of your CRM Business Review, if you are not completely satisfied the proposed roadmap will provide significant benefit for your organisation, you have the option to exit the program at absolutely NO COST!”

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