Additional Add-On Modules

Once your system is running and you have experienced the some of the benefits of a structured approach to customer relationship management, you can employ one of our additional CRM modules to assist you to achieve the very best for your staff and customers.

Advanced Sales Process Module

So, your team is using opportunity management effectively but you need a more advanced solution to ensure leads are addressed in a systematic way? Or perhaps, like so many Australian businesses, your Sales Person IS the process? Well, our Advanced Sales Process Module is for you!

Your Elysium Senior CRM Consultant will work with your team to define and document the steps in your sales process and ensure that a working model is implemented to reflect this in your CRM System. These steps may include automated quote generation from existing price lists, lead response tracking and analysis, automated follow-up reminders or even pricing approval workflow.

Marketing Foundation Module

Keeping your products and service in the minds of your prospective customers is essential to maximising the growth of your business. However, the best way to keep each customer and prospect segment abreast of your latest product offering may be different.

Whether it is through email marketing, social media interaction or good old-fashioned phone calls, your Elysium Senior CRM Consultant can advise you of the most effective way to approach each specific medium and customer profile.

Administration Training Module

Want to take more control over your own CRM system? Have one of your team undertake our Administrator Training Module and you’ll have the skills in-house to take your CRM system to the next level.

The Administrator Training Module consists of a training manual and 2 x 2hour remote training sessions. These sessions are specifically designed to assist candidates to develop the skills to not only maintain the system, but to develop new functionality for immediate use by the team.

Customer Service Module

Does your business struggle to keep up with customer requests? Do your customers complain about response times and staff “dropping the ball” on important client issues? It sounds like you could use Elysium’s Customer Service Module.

This module will enable functionality to have you tracking customer service cases along with all associated correspondence. This will empower your Service team to track response times, problem clients, and even manage time sensitive SLAs.

Performance Management Module

As organisations grow, Senior Management often has trouble tracking each staff members KPIs. In fact many businesses grow to larger than 100 staff before any formalised KPI measurement system is in place. The good news is that your CRM System is the perfect place to track AND manage these KPIs!

Whether its call volumes, conversion rates, customer response times or another key measurement, your Elysium Senior CRM Consultant can help you track and manage this information in your CRM system.

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