Foundation Process

Elysium’s Foundation CRM Package breaks the implementation process into 4 stages

1. CRM Business Review
2. System Setup
3. Data Import
4. User Training

Each stage provides a basis for the next step to ensure that your initial implementation meets all the objectives your organisation has put in place.

CRM Business Review


  • Helps an organisation understand their own objectives and needs
  • A business review document is downloaded that is designed to prompt internal discussion and help establish CRM goals
  • A senior consultant will review the document with stakeholders via GotoMeeting and provide software and procedural recommendations.
  • All findings from the CRM Business Review will be highlighted in a document and delivered to your team for review.
  • In addition, an individualised roadmap will be developed for your organisation to map out the major objectives and timeframes.
  • Additionally, if you are not completely satisfied that the proposed roadmap will provide significant benefit for your organisation, you have the option to exit the program and incur absolutely NO COST!


  1. Download, review and fill out the Elysium Foundation CRM Business Review document with key stakeholders in your organisation
  2. Send the Business Review  document back to us and book a Foundation CRM Discovery Workshop with an Elysium Senior CRM Consultant
  3. You and your team meet with your Elysium Senior CRM Consultant via GotoMeeting and establish the plan your Foundation CRM.
  4. Review the resulting documentation and roadmap with your key team members.
  5. Authorise your Elysium Senior CRM Consultant to proceed with the development of your CRM system.

System Setup


  • Your Elysium Senior CRM Consultant goes to work on preparing the CRM System to meet your business needs.
  • To prevent unnecessary complexity, only features that provide the greatest impact will be implemented during Foundation.
  • Implementing only high impact functionality also ensures we avoid running over time or budget!


  1. Your Elysium Senior CRM Consultant develops the key customisations including custom fields, reports and lookup options.
  2. Your Elysium Senior CRM Consultant then presents the customisations and performance measures to key stakeholders, along with a brief demonstration to ensure users understand the initial system features.

Data Import


  • Launching your CRM system with current data will maximise the immediate impact of the CRM system on your business.
  • Contacts, Companies and specified additional information will be imported by your Senior CRM Consultant to ensure your system is fully operational on day 1.


  1. You will provide pre-defined lists of contacts to your Senior CRM Consultant in a simple format that we will provide.
  2. Your Elysium Senior CRM Consultant will then import the data on your behalf and run a series of reports for your team to review.
  3. Once we all agree the information is in the right place, we will proceed to the training phase of the Foundation CRM Package.

System Training


  • Ensuring your team has the skills and ability to perform every required action in the CRM system is essential to achieving our 100% adoption target.
  • Undertaking multiple training sessions (initial and follow-up) ensures that these skills are developed and then reinforced in each user.
  • Training sessions will be provided via GotoMeeting to ensure minimal interruption to your team’s working day.
  • Trainings sessions will recorded for review at your team’s leisure.


  1. Your Elysium Senior CRM Consultant will provide a structure training agenda, user manual, as well as a customised cheat-sheet to ensure all the tools are available for a successful implementation.
  2. Your Senior CRM Consultant will then conduct an Initial Training Workshop to cover accessing, entering and updating information – we will even cover the use of iPhone and Android devices for team members on the road.
  3. A recording of the Initial Training workshop will be available for your team to review when required.
  4. A CRM Reinforcement Workshop will then be performed 1-4 weeks after the initial training session to address any questions and ensure appropriate system knowledge and uptake.

Next Steps

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